Industrial Painting

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Industrial painting for demanding clients

SIGN 180 specializes in industrial painting, offering comprehensive services for renovating halls and other industrial facilities. By using protective coatings, we can regenerate almost any metal, sheet metal, or composite panel surface. Our range of services includes painting large surfaces, as well as facades and roofs exposed to harmful effects of pollutants, weather conditions, and UV rays.


We apply various industrial painting methods tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients. With our knowledge and experience, we can offer the best solutions and achieve optimal end results.

Effective and long-lasting protection

Painting industrial halls and other facilities brings many benefits, such as improving their appearance, increasing durability, and protecting them from corrosion and damage. Therefore, it is worthwhile to invest in this service, especially if our facilities are exposed to intensive use.

Industrial painting as part of cooperation with SIGN 180 includes:

  • Painting of industrial halls.
  • Painting of warehouses.
  • Painting of facades made of sheet metal.
  • Painting of large-scale roofs.
  • Painting of silos.

Our industrial painting services do not include painting fuel tanks, industrial machinery, steel structures, or industrial chimneys.

Worth choosing us

Choosing the right method for painting large-scale surfaces in the industry is crucial to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness while minimizing the time needed for the process. That’s why our company offers the hydrodynamic hot painting method.

With this approach:

  • The paint achieves optimal properties, ensuring the highest level of protection.
  • Painting facades made of sheet metal or other large-scale surfaces is much faster compared to traditional brush or roller painting.
  • The drying time of the coating is significantly reduced, allowing for quick application of the next layer.
  • Industrial spray painting guarantees precise and uniform coverage of every surface.

Durability for years to come!

The benefits of spray painting on sheet metal facades mainly revolve around the durability of the protective coating. Painting warehouses and industrial halls can restore their original properties for even several decades or more.

Moreover, industrial painting costs are noticeably lower than the expenses of renovating sheet metal facades or roofing. Regular quality control of large-scale industrial roofs and sheet metal facades or panels helps prevent issues like surface corrosion or loss of sealing.

In the case of industrial facilities, refreshing the sheet metal facades is also important to enhance the visual effect. A neat and aesthetic appearance of warehouses, production halls, or silos during visits from contractors or the media can undoubtedly elevate the company’s prestige.

Modern painting of facades and other metal elements in industrial facilities can also leave a positive impression on the employees.

With our experience and well-established practices, we can guarantee the best execution of the entrusted project. Starting from surface preparation, which plays a significant role, to anti-corrosion protection. Preparatory work on the surface before further protection determines its durability.

Forget about corrosion!
Effective protection

Painting is a crucial activity after cleaning the surface. To prevent corrosion from reoccurring on the cleaned surface, it is necessary to apply an anti-corrosion primer using the airless spray method.

This method allows for the best coverage of the surface, including remnants of corrosion and other impurities, ensuring effective protection against further corrosion development. The roller and air spray are not recommended for applying anti-corrosion primers.

After the anti-corrosion primer has cured, a topcoat should be applied in the chosen color to achieve the desired quality and thickness of the paint coating according to the selected painting system. This painting method is used not only for steel grain silos and steel structures but also for industrial hall trapezoidal sheets.

We use equipment and gear from renowned brands such as Graco, Falch, Hammelmann, Elcometer, Petzl.

We perform renovation and restoration of:

  • Layer panels,
  • Slurry plates,
  • Technological structures,
  • Technical structures,
  • Supporting and accompanying structures,
  • Entire production lines,
  • Industrial facilities,
  • Tanks for various purposes,
  • Fans,
  • Heat exchangers,
  • Marine containers.

Customized approach, perfect solution

Our company offers clients support in choosing the optimal surface protection system. Through a thorough analysis of the conditions to which the substrate is exposed, along with determining the required protection period, we collaborate with our paint suppliers to select a coating set that meets the client’s expectations in terms of durability and cost-effectiveness in a given environment. All of our anti-corrosion protections are covered by a warranty.

We cooperate with leading paint manufacturers such as Royal, Sika, Sigma, Hempel, and Jotun, which are unrivaled in the market. Our team consists of experienced painters and qualified inspectors in anti-corrosion work, who hold certifications in Roofing Anti-Corrosion Protection – an intensive course compliant with ISO-NORD TUV standards.

Engineers and construction teams often face the problem of gradual steel corrosion, despite steel being a very good material. Therefore, the use of durable anti-corrosion coatings is crucial, especially for steel structures that are constantly exposed to external factors.

European Norms

Norm EN ISO 12944 relates to the durability of anti-corrosion coatings in several time ranges:

  • Short (2 to 7 years),
  • Medium (7 to 15 years),
  • Long (15 to 25 years),
  • Very long (above 25 years).


Determining the durability of the anti-corrosion coating allows for planning periodic inspections and potential maintenance schedules for steel structures.

The European standard for protecting and painting steel structures focuses not only on the quality of the materials used but also on the supervision of properly qualified personnel at each stage of the work.

It is difficult to assess the quality of the paint coating along with the anti-corrosion protection solely based on the final result, which is why it is crucial to use appropriate materials and supervise the painting process carefully.

Safety first

As a company with many years of experience, we prioritize the safety of our employees and those around the work site. We adhere to all occupational health and safety regulations, which precisely define the procedures for surface preparation and painting to ensure safety throughout the entire process.

Our team is equipped with appropriate clothing, helmets, masks, and safety glasses, and we maintain secure and marked workstations to ensure the safety of our employees and others nearby.

Our employees have the necessary qualifications and have undergone alpinism courses and height-related training, enabling them to handle life-threatening situations effectively. Their awareness of potential hazards and knowledge of emergency procedures are fundamental to conducting work safely and ensuring safety on the construction site.

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