Spray Painting

Are you looking for a professional company specializing in spray painting? Our company offers top-quality services.

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As a company, we specialize in painting metal parts (such as aluminum and steel) as well as various types of plastics, including laminates and ABS.


During the painting process, we aim to adapt to the individual needs of our customers, also catering to non-standard orders. We offer painting services in gloss, matte, and semi-matte finishes, depending on the customer’s preferences.

Discover the benefits of spray painting - choose quality and reliability.

By using chemically curing paints and coatings and the spray method, we achieve excellent results in the painting process. Additionally, we are proficient in applying water-dilutable techniques and structural paints.

Equipped with modern equipment in our painting shop, we can fulfill virtually any order according to the customer’s expectations.

The delivery time for each order may vary depending on the size and characteristics of the painted part and the chosen color from the RAL or NCS palette. However, we ensure that each product is appropriately packaged and protected against transportation damage. As a result, our customers receive finished, high-quality parts in perfect condition.

Spray painting - tailored to your needs

Safety is a top priority for our company. Therefore, during the execution of spray painting services, we implement appropriate precautions to prevent any unforeseen situations. All our employees are trained and equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment.

Trust our company and take advantage of our spray painting services. We guarantee the highest quality of service.

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